Bikini bottom high waist with body sculpting rib fabric and embroidery in ivory white on beach towel
Materials and care

How to take care of your swimwear

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A bit of care goes a long way

Taking care of your bikini properly is highly important to ensure your bikini lasts long. Even though the materials are of high-quality, we recommend you to follow the following washing instructions to maintain the quality and durability of the piece. If the swimwear is not taken care of properly, fading of colour or losing its shape may occur.

1.   Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle swim-wear suitable detergent after each use. ‘Normal detergent’ suitable for washing machines is too strong for swimwear fabric and affects the quality and durability of the piece.

2.   Dry in the shade.

3.   Do not twist or “wring out” to dry. Instead, lay the item down between two towels and press to absorb the water.

4.   Make sure your bikini is completely dry before putting away. 

Putting your bikini in the washing machine and/or dryer may feel like the easiest option, but over time it will decrease the quality and durability of your suit.