Ethics and Sustainability

So you can feel good about your purchase.

Ethics & Sustainability are two of our biggest company values. We want you to understand where our products come from, how they have been made, and what the impact will be on our planet and the people involved in the process.

Our Story

After a long and unsuccesful search for sustainable and ethical swimwear in large cup sizes, Via di Gioia was born. Through a mixed style of Italian classics and handicraft embroidery, Via di Gioia makes every woman feel beautiful.

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Our Materials

Our planet is the home of our children and grandchildren. While our oceans are being polluted and our forests being burnt, we use excusively environment-friendly materials to take care of our planet.

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Our Makers

While the fashion industry is known for unsafe working conditions, extremely low wages and child labour, Via di Gioia exclusively works with responsible and certified factories, so you can feel good about your purchase.

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