Bikini top Plunge V-neck and V-Shape bottom in green with rib fabric and embroidery, woman torso
Bikini top Plunge V-neck and V-Shape bottom in green with rib fabric and embroidery, woman side
Bikini top Plunge V-neck and V-Shape bottom in green with rib fabric and embroidery, woman front
Bikini top Plunge V-neck and V-Shape bottom in green with rib fabric and embroidery, woman side full body
Close up embroidery and rib fabric on the V-shape bikini bottom in Emerald green
Bikini bottom V-shape in emerald green with rib fabric and embroidery, product front
Bikini bottom V-shape in emerald green with rib fabric and embroidery, product back

The V-Shape

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Sizing guide for tops

Finding your right bra size can be difficult. Here we provide you with the right tools to find your perfect size. You can either measure yourself, or take the cup size you wear in your country and convert it. If you're having doubts about your size, don't worry, that's completely normal. Send us a message in the chat box or giv us a call, and we're happy to give you personal advise. How to determine your cup size? Get yourself a measuring tape, and follow these 2 steps:

STEP 1: Determine your underbust size: You can find the underbust size by measuring your underbust directly under your breasts. It's best to measure on your bare skin. If you're measuring with a top or a bra on, please make sure the measuring tape doesn't go over a thick layer of fabric or underwires.

I am measured in CM 72,5 - 77,5 77,5 - 82,5 82,5 - 87,5 87,5 - 92,5 92,5 - 97,5 97,5 - 102,5
Underbust size 70 75 80 85 90 95


STEP 2: Determine your cup size: You can find your cup size by measuring the width over the fullest part of your breasts. When you know your cup size in centimeters, follow the column with the under bust size that you measured in step 1, and search for the row with your cup size measurements. Voilà, there is your cup size!

UNDERBUST SIZE ➞ 65 70 75 80 85 95 90
cup A 77-79 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 107-109 102-104
cup B 79-81 84-86 89-91 94-96 99-101 109-111 104-106
cup C 81-83 86-88 91-93 96-98 101-103 111-113 106-108
cup D 83-85 88-90 93-95 98-100 103-105 113-115 108-110
cup E 85-87 90-92 95-97 100-102 105-107 115-117 110-112
cup F 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104 107-109 117-119 112-114
cup G 89-91 94-96 99-101 104-106 109-111 119-121 114-116

P.s. Is this a different size than you are usually wearing? Around 70% of the women wear the wrong cup size in this world. Say what? That's because bra sizing can be very confusing. If you have any doubts about your size, feel free to contact us for personal advise.

Please note: The body measurements are an indication to find your size and do not always apply to every human body. Please contact us via the chat box, e-mail or phone to get personal advise. 

Sizing guide for bottoms

International sizing EU ES/FR UK US AUS
XS 34 XS 6 2 6
S 36 S 8 4 8
M 38 M 10 6 10
L 40 L 12 8 12
XL 42 XL 14 10 14
XXL 44 XXL 16 12 16


65A 80A 0A 30A 30A 8A
65B 80B 0B 30B 30B 8B
65C 80C 0C 30C 30C 8C
65D 80D 0D 30D 30D 8D
65E 80E 0E 30DD 30DD/E 8DD
65F 80F 0F 30E 30DDD/F 8E
65G 80G 0G 30F 30G 8F
70A 85A 1A 32A 32A 10A
70B 85B 1B 32B 32B 10B
70C 85C 1C 32C 32C 10C
70D 85D 1D 32D 32D 10D
70E 85E 1E 32DD 32DD/E 10DD
70F 85F 1F 32E 32DDD/F 10E
70G 85G 1G 32F 32G 10F
75A 90A 2A 34A 34A 12A
75B 90B 2B 34B 34B 12B
75C 90C 2C 34C 34C 12C
75D 90D 2D 34D 34D 12D
75E 90E 2E 34DD 34DD/E 12DD
75F 90F 2F 34E 34DDD/F 12E
75G 90G 2G 34F 34G 12F
80A 95A 3A 36A 36A 14A
80B 95B 3B 36B 36B 14B
80C 95C 3C 36C 36C 14C
80D 95D 3D 36D 36D 14D
80E 95E 3E 36DD 36DD/E 14DD
80F 95F 3F 36E 36DDD/F 14E
80G 95G 3G 36F 36G 14F
85A 100A 4A 38A 38A 16A
85B 100B 4B 38B 38B 16B
85C 100C 4C 38C 38C 16C
85D 100D 4D 38D 38D 16D
85E 100E 4E 38DD 38DD/E 16DD
85F 100F 4F 38E 38DDD/F 16E
85G 100G 4G 38F 38G 16F
90A 105 A 5A 40A 40A 18A
90B 105B 5B 40B 40B 18B
90C 105C 5C 40C 40C 18C
90D 105D 5D 40D 40D 18D
90E 105E 5E 40DD 40DD/E 18DD
90F 105F 5F 40E 40DDD/F 18E
90G 105G 5G 40G 40G 18F
95A 110 A 6A 42A 42A 20A
95B 110B 6B 42B 42B 20B
95C 110C 6C 42C 42C 20C
95D 110D 6D 42D 42D 20D
95E 110E 6E 42DD 42DD/E 20DD
95F 110F 6F 42E 42DDD/F 20E
95G 110G 6G 42G 42G 20F


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Gratis verzending in NL

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Enhancing your curves
The V-shape bottom is a highly regarded and beloved design, enhancing your waist and hips due to the V-shape waistband. The V-shape waistband enhances your waistline and the rounding of your hips, creating the impression of an hourglass figure. This bottom can be worn in two ways, straight across your hips or pulled up over your hipbone to elongate your legs.

- A mid-waist fit.
- Moderate cheeky coverage at the back.
- A V-shape waist band.
- Satin-stitch embroidery on the back and front of the waist band.
- Soft rib fabric for added detail.
- Soft and firm lining fabric that smoothes out your skin.
- Opaque and 100% coverage (0% see-through when the fabric gets wet)

Made with premium recycled fabrics from Barcelona.

    From the very beginning, we are proud to say Via di Gioia has been prioritising sustainability and transparency. It’s our responsibility to take care of our planet, its nature, animals and people, for all future generations. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible, in all fields of the business. Creating a sustainable fashion brand that is honest to our customers, respectful to our employees and our planet is of utmost importance.

    Read more about our sustainability practices here.

    All our products are made in a factory in Tunisia, where the employees earn more than a living wage and have a safe and responsible work environment. The factory has both the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and SA8000 certifications, which means that the factory is ethically and environmentally certified.

    Read more about our ethical practices here.

    All pieces are made from recycled fabrics made from regenerated polyester yarn, made from ocean waste from the Mediterranean Sea.

    Plain fabric: 85% Polyester (100% recycled) 15% Elastane
    Rib fabric: 84% Polyester (100% recycled) 16% Elastane

    • Chlorine resistant. The fabric isn’t prone to colorization due to chlorine in the pool.
    • UV resistant. The fabric isn’t prone to fade in the sun.
    • Salt resistant. The fabric keeps its quality in salt water.
    • Pilling resistant. The surface of the fabrics isn’t prone to pilling.
    • Shape retention. This fabrics will not get baggy over time, but will stay in shape.
    • Excellent coverage. This bikini will not see through when it gets wet and has an opaque coverage.
    (Please note that the points above only apply when the items are taken care of properly. Don’t forget to read the care instruction, to keep the quality of the bikini at its best.)

    Taking care of your bikini properly is highly important to ensure your bikini lasts long. If the swimwear is not taken care of properly, fading of colour or losing it’s shape may occur. Therefore we highly recommend to follow the care instructions below:

    1. Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle swim-wear suitable detergent after each use. ‘Normal detergent’ suitable for washing machines is too strong for swimwear fabric and affects the quality and durability of the piece.
    2. Dry in the shade.
    3. Do not twist or “wring out” to dry. Instead, lay the item down between two towels and press to absorb the water.
    4. Make sure your bikini is completely dry before putting away.

    Putting your bikini in the washing machine and/or dryer may feel like the easiest option, but over time it will decrease the quality and durability of your swimsuit.  

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